Do you ever feel or remember about talking money at home?

Some people or families might regard talking money at home as a taboo or something need to be avoided from discussion while at home. I read some opinions which consider money as the symbol of bad elements however in fact talking money at home is something that we need to put in our list or the sake of financial management.

Your thoughts and values about money will reflects your behavior and the way you decide. You might happened to talk about some money problems with your family. From time to time, generations seem to accept different perspective when it comes to money and savings. Normally older people tend to save while the younger generation prefer to use spend their money on unnecessary things.

I read some quotes said that the purchase patterns often reflect the environment where the people grow up.

These money skills are not taught in schools thus parents can participate in family-oriented discussions which occurs in an informal way. Here are some ideas on how to talk about money at home.

  • Relate the discussion with the family financial situation.
  • Talk about needs and wants.
  • Prepare a family bank – a money box in where every family member can put their money into it at home.
  • Make visible examples – using real money to demonstrate could help a lot.
  • Discuss at home every week might be boring so create an informal discussion outside – park, garden or beach.

When it comes to learning about money, make sure you consider about self-taught and awareness. Make it real so your family will tend to learn more and more willing to discuss about it at home. Perhaps the question of how we can educate our kids with adequate financial knowledge can be answered.

Talking Money at Home
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Elisa Adams

A big part of financial freedom is having your heart and mind free from worry about the what-ifs of life.

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