We human have choices in our daily life. And these choices are affecting our current and future lives.

Now try to relate these choices to our daily financial situation. When you are going to the supermarket or walking in front of the shops, you have to choose what you need to buy and how much should you spend. You can go for your desire but keep in mind, you have to save for your future.

Making a choice between desire and future is not easy as you say it. You need determination to make your choice. And a simple choice might affect thousand dollars in the future. The best thing is to do a systematic planning for yourself so you know what to do for your financial situation.

Set your savings goals so you know how much you should spend in your daily budget. Calculate the cost that you have to face in the coming days, months and years so you can figure out your savings goals. Set savings goals for both short-term and long-term. Put limitation on your budget for every day, week, month and year so you will not spend more that you should.

Avoid using credit cards because they have the possibility to give you problems in the future unless you really need them for your deals. Using credit cards might result in overspending your budget. Go for debit card as the alternative choice. Avoiding credit cards gives you the chance to avoid debts in the future. Paying yourself first in every kind of situation is a strategy that you shouldn’t ignore.

Plan for your future expenses and keep records of your budget. It is a wise act to plan before the time comes for example your future marriage, wife, children, car and etc. By doing this way you know how much you should save starting from now and your budget limit so you can adjust your lifestyle according to it.

You might enjoy entertaining your desire now but do remember that it is temporary. Saving for the future is an important thing to be consider so put aside your desire. Take only what you need and save for your future.

Going for Your Desire or Your Future?

Elisa Adams

A big part of financial freedom is having your heart and mind free from worry about the what-ifs of life.

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