Has one ever wondered how much have we spent since we were born till today? Has it ever occurred to us to save a portion of our expenditure for the future?

Let say each of us use RM15 per day which covers for food, drinks, water and electricity consumption, petrol, house rent, internet, top up, photocopying and so on. This means in a month we spend about RM450, RM15 x 30 = RM450. How about a person who just obtained his or her first degree? RM450 x 12 months x 24 years = RM129 600.

Many of us are unaware of this. The fact is, we have spent RM129600 in 24 years with an estimated daily expenses of RM 15 per day. How about if it is RM20 per day? That would be RM172800. How about if it is more than that? Quite a big amount right? Ask yourself. You know how much you have spent.

Take your time to digest the amount. Let the thoughts flow and give in to them, ‘I have spent quite a sum. Why is it never enough, why does it feel it is not that much?’. The answer is in our hand. Have we ever thought of jotting down our daily expenditure in a form of record? Won’t the record tell us where our money go?

I leave it with a suggestion. How if we consistently save 20% of the expenditure amount. Not daily. Monthly perhaps? It would be easier that way. RM3 x 365 days x 24 years = RM35040.

It is a very commendable amount. Not many can brag a saving of RM30000 upon graduation. What can you do with such amount of money? You can buy a car and get married while waiting for the right job according to your qualification. No more the need to wait for the first salary draw or after working for a year. Social woos can also be lessened.

What important is that awareness in money matter should be instilled since the early years of childhood. Parents should play a big role in educating their children in this matter. If it is quite late for us, create an opportunity for our children so that they can reap the benefit. Afterwards, it will be cultured, thanks to us. Our generations to come would prosper.

How can we discipline ourselves in putting aside money for savings? One of the ways is through takaful. By taking up a takaful policy, not only would you save money, you also provide protection for yourself, and your family from any misfortunes, think about it.

Money is not everything, but everything needs money.

Umar Abdul Rashid

Save for The Future
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