Having An Emergency Fund

You might been told to save certain amount of money or exclusive fund for unexpected moments especially when you are reading finance articles or listening to lectures or advices on finance management. It’s called emergency fund. An emergency fund is the amount of money which had been prepared for unexpected moments where at that time [...]

Controlling Your Debts

Debts, debts, debts. Facing with the debts problem could blow your head so it’s time to control it. Let’s see some tips on how to control your debts. It might sound hard when we are trying to control something especially when we’re talking about debts. But do believe that there’s a way out for every [...]

Talking Money at Home

Do you ever feel or remember about talking money at home? Some people or families might regard talking money at home as a taboo or something need to be avoided from discussion while at home. I read some opinions which consider money as the symbol of bad elements however in fact talking money at home [...]

Control Your Financial Future

You might keep complaining and worrying about money, debt and bills. The bad feeling and negative perception in fact could bring more same thing happen back to you. That is why you need to take control of your financial future. Do you know what will happen in the next days or years? And that is [...]

Become A Smart Shopper

Yes, we need shopping to get what we need in out daily activities such as food, equipments, clothes and etc. However do you realize that sometimes shopping will lead to the increasing monthly bill or expenditure thus brings you problems. And that’s why we have to be smart when shopping. Let’s see some tips on [...]