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Welcome to Finance & Loans!

Just call me Alone and I’m the admin of Finance & Loans. I’m a part-time blogger beside of continuing my study in urban & regional planning. I love to read a know a lot of new things and in that process, I’m being exposed to a lot of news, information and knowledge related to finance. And that’s when the idea to create this blog came in mind. And today I’m proudly announce a warm welcome from Finance & Loans – where you can find info, news, tips & discussions on finance & loans matter.

In this challenging world today, there are a lot of things to be done and understand. And we have a lot of options available out there. Knowledge is important to wisely manage our finance as without knowledge, there is potential for a big loss worst than what you ever expected. Dealing with financial matters sometimes challenging and sometimes interesting and we are here to talk about it.

I always believe that sharing is a nice thing to share so  I guess Financial & Loans is a nice place for me to share information regarding to financial matters as well as improving my knowledge in this niche. Whether you are searching for financial information, creating your new business, finding insurance quotes, or planning your financial management, I welcome you to give a visit, take your time to read and then leave your comment if you have something to say or share with the others.

Stay tune with Financial & Loans because we will share a lot of things together after this!

Welcome to Finance & Loans!
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Nasrul Hanis

I always concern about the importance of financial management in life. The real secret of successful financial management lies within our efforts, creativity and hard works!

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