There are many approaches to both short and long term Forex trading. A strategy that works for some is not always suited to others. As a result, it helps to find the right Forex trading strategy and Forex broker for your needs.

With advantages and disadvantages to both long and short term trading strategies, many traders find it beneficial to research the different methods before they create their own personal trading system. No strategy can guarantee success but there are systems better suited to individual trader needs. Help, guidance and research is essential to becoming a successful Forex trader.

The Gambler

Inexperienced traders filled with visions of overnight riches are often the ones who take this approach. Gambling with Forex may occasionally pay off but it is just that, a gamble. Little thought goes into finding suitable entry and exit points and many choose to bet on a single piece of information they have heard for example, “We think the Euro may go up.” Gambling with Forex trading is not a sustainable solution and more often than not, gamblers lose out in the end.

The Scalper

Scalping is a quick trading method where traders only hold their positions open for a matter of seconds. Traders are able to make small profits quickly with limited risk to their accounts. Scalpers must act at the correct times to avoid sleeping prices and search for volatile, liquid markets in order to catch good price moves. Scalping is not always considered to be a good strategy for beginners as it requires experience and research in order to trade successfully.

The Swing Trader

The Forex market moves in waves and these waves are often described as swings. Swing traders look for bigger movements in price and the most violent swings in order to trade more profitably. Positions are opened and closed within a few days to a week so that traders can benefit from profit opportunities without a great deal of risk.

The Trend Follower

Trend followers focus on the price when making trade decisions, believing it hold all the information they need to trade profitably. They may discount branches and fundamental data in favor of following price trends. If a pair is trending up, they will pick a suitable entry point and wait for the trend to carry their position into profit. Trend followers often wait until an actual change has occurred in the trend before exiting their position.

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Adopting the Right Forex Trading Strategies for You

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