When buying a home it is important to sort out your finances, organize home and contents insurance and do a building inspection.

Buying a new home is an exciting time and to make it easier it helps to make a check list so you don’t miss out on doing anything important.  There are many vital steps to take when buying a home and keeping a list can make it less stressful.  Rather than being overwhelmed by everything you need to do you can follow your list and work your way through it gradually.  As well as organizing your finances it is important to sort out home and contents insurance for your new home, as well as planning ahead and finding professional removalists once you have settled on the property.

Building inspection

When buying a new home it is important to send in a fully qualified builder to inspect the property.  The builder will make sure that the property doesn’t have any damage and that it meets the required standards.  It is also wise to have an electrician in to inspect the electrical wiring to make sure there are not any faults.  Faulty wiring can lead to serious problems, such as electrical shortages, sparks or shocks, and in the worst case can lead to a house fire.  An inspection of the property should also include a check for pests, such as termites.


If you haven’t owned a home before then you will need to find the best insurance company and organize home and contents insurance.  Shop around before you decide on a insurance company so you find one that offers value for money and provides you with what you need.  You can hire an insurance broker to find the right insurance for you.  They will find the right insurance to suit you and your budget.  It is important to insure your home against damage from the unexpected, things like floods, fire, storm damage and even against natural disasters like earthquakes.  It is also important to have contents insurance because it would be costly to replace everything if it was destroyed or stolen.


It is never too early to start looking for a removalist.  It can also be a good idea to book in a company in advance.  Do your research beforehand and only go with a reputable company.  You are trusting the removalists with your personal belongings so you want them moved safely.  Ask friends and family if they can recommend someone.  This way you know you will be able to trust this particular company.

The house is right for you

Before you settle on a property make sure that it is exactly right for you.  Decide what it is you are looking for and make a list.  You might need a home that is better suited for a family or you might want a home that is great for entertaining.  Knowing exactly what you want will help you save time when it comes to searching for the right place.


Sorting out your finances when buying a home is a complicated and long process and this will create its own decent list in itself.  Before you can proceed with purchasing a property you need to have your finances in order.  Getting the help from a mortgage broker can make this a lot easier as they will organize getting a home loan for you.

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5 Things For Your Check List When Buying a Home
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