This may seem like a pretty wide subject but when it comes to personal finances, saving money is actually a pretty simple subject. In this article we offer three sensible tips to help you cut down on your spending and avoid getting into unnecessary debt.

Bills – look at other options

It doesn’t matter if you are being hit by mobile contract bills, energy bills or even credit card bills every month; there are multiple ways in which you can reduce your expenses. For most people energy bills (gas, electric etc) are pretty hefty bills but the industry is teaming with offers which are designed to entice you to switch. Have a look at what is available and change your energy supplier – it literally takes a phone call and within a month you could be saving money! As for credit card bills, look at taking a balance transfer. This means moving your debt to another provider who may charge less interest each month for the first 6 months than what you are currently paying.

Be selective when spending

The high street can be a financial killer! Regardless of whether you are shopping for clothing or food, there are many more deals to be had it you scratch the surface of your city centre. Look for second hand stores or vintage shops for cool, affordable clothing and get down your local market for big savings on food (particularly fruit and vegetables).

Avoid debt if possible

Student loans, bank loans, payday loans – they are often unavoidable, but too many people borrow money for frivolous reasons such as cars and holidays. If you can avoid this, do, because debt means a direct debit being taken out of your account on a monthly basis which can hurt your finances every month! If you want to spend a lot of money on an extravagant purchase, try to save up the money for it before you buy. This way you will have truly earned your purchase and remained debt free.

This article was written by Matt Saunders for Logbook Money, suppliers of logbook loans for immediate short term cash flow relief.

How to Save Money – 3 Simple Tips
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