It’s been years since the market crash happened in Jan 2008. After it ended the positive news kept airing and there is a sign of hope. The updates of increasing stocks rate being told again and again. It’s not a secret that most consumers are feeling relieve with the latest updates and some people back to their old habit of spending money without planning.

And who knows – in a mean of time, suddenly the market has crashed again and we have to face the economic downturn again. Most of our savings could be pulled down and we have to cut the budget. For people who has prepared with the emergency fund, they can maintain their daily lifestyle as they got backup but it will be a terrible nightmare for those who never prepare for the downturn. Some of them might have to do extra jobs for money as they never prepare however they have to feel grateful if they get the job – it’s better than nothing!

The slowing economy which began with the collapse of the market price and deals, result in things get worse before we are able to think how to solve them. If the gross domestic product decreases for two or more consecutive quarters, we will have to face the recession, the budget have to be cut and we have to forget about living in a prosperous life for a while – or even at all. These budget-cutting absolutely is never interesting and it could change your life into the terrible one if you can’t handle it rationally.

I meet some people who hate to talk or think about the bad things such as economic downturn, poverty and recession as they say it could be a way to become pessimistic. However I don’t agree with this opinion as always prepare for the future is a wise act to do and when the time comes, that is not the time to feel regret. So thinking of the future is an essential step in maintaining your financial management in all time.

So what should we do now? The best thing is to make saving money as a habit. Try to save enough money to cover about 3-6 months of your expenses. Losing your job is possible in this era so get prepare for that. Sit, think and consider all of the things that could change in your life when something terrible such as downturn and recession happens. Predict the results on your finance and plan what you want to do, now and when the time comes. The next thing is to implement your plan according to what you had decided.

Cut your spending now and start saving some money – you could avoid feeling regret in the future!

Prepare for Economic Downturn
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Elisa Adams

A big part of financial freedom is having your heart and mind free from worry about the what-ifs of life.

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