The Importance of Your Credit Rating

by Elisa Adams

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Do you aware of the importance of your credit rating?

Tips for Applying Commercial Loan

by Elisa Adams

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If you’re doing your own business, you might go through the application for commercial loan. Sounds easy, but it’s not!

Let’s see some tips for applying commercial loan.

Budget Tips for Aidilfitri

by Elisa Adams

Aidilfitri 2010 is just around the corner and I believe people are going out for shopping in malls and bazaars along the street. As Aidilfitri is the most popular festival for Muslims especially in Malaysia, it is the time for people to go for shopping to get new clothes and accessories as a part of […]

Going for Your Desire or Your Future?

by Elisa Adams

We human have choices in our daily life. And these choices are affecting our current and future lives. Now try to relate these choices to our daily financial situation. When you are going to the supermarket or walking in front of the shops, you have to choose what you need to buy and how much […]

Prepare for Economic Downturn

by Elisa Adams

It’s been years since the market crash happened in Jan 2008. After it ended the positive news kept airing and there is a sign of hope. The updates of increasing stocks rate being told again and again. It’s not a secret that most consumers are feeling relieve with the latest updates and some people back […]