In today’s difficult economic situation, getting a job can be frustrating. Unfortunately, you can end up getting the same undesirable results if you don’t change your plans soon. Here are five new strategies you can add up to your job search. And remember, you do not need a lot of luck, just some good old persistence.

Create a blog

Here is something I would personally recommend: blogging. You can blog about anything, even about your long and arduous search for a job. A blog can serve as your portfolio for your expertise in your field or the ability to communicate. Just a couple of tips: do not use your blog to vent out your frustrations as it may turn off potential employers. There is the diary for that. Also, keep your blog updated. Keep entries two to three days apart so readers do not lose interest in your blog.

Go to the job board

Using search engines to look for job opportunities is fine. But do not forget where companies usually post their openings: the job boards. Go to the newspaper’s classified jobs section or a job directory website. Narrow down to your field to make the job search faster. Use the customized search engine that many job sites offer and you will have a long list of opportunities in front of you.

Expand your network

This is an old way of inching close to your dream job. The reason people do this is because it still works. Knowing the right people in the industry and getting them into lunch or dinner might get you someone who can stick out his/her neck for you. Of course, always take care of the bill. You can also use Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to interact with your potential “backer” constantly. Make yourself known to them because they can do you a big favor.

Go back to school

Like a boxer going back to his corner to charge up, you can go back to school to boost your resume. You can do a classroom or online course. Finish your degree or get a higher one. These are options you have and which you can take to improve your qualifications. Online education is cheaper so it is something I can suggest to you.

Find your passion

Maybe working in a traditional environment is not the best for you. Discover what you really love to do and maybe you can make a freelance gig out of it. Remain positive; just remember nothing gets done without you trying.

A guerrilla way?

Sincerely I feel attracted to the keyword “guerrilla” but this book is required and worth reading – especially if you are seriously looking for your career opportunity! Get your hands on this book, read it and follow David Perry’s guidance, coaching, wisdom and insight in order to hunt the best opportunity for the sake of your future! Get a copy for yourself now!

5 Innovative Ways to Search for Work
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