May 2010

Finance Tips for Students

The years in college and university could be frightening for most students as it is the time to live separately with parents, maybe for the first time. They might be free but some look it as scary moments. One of the biggest things for students to consider is how they handle their finances. Some people [...]

Keep In Touch With Your Debts

You must be familiar with the quote “Keep in touch” where it refers to to maintain communications with someone; to maintain up-to-date knowledge about someone or something. (based on TheFreeDictionary.com) We cannot deny the fact that nowadays we modern people always dealing with debts to buy or sign up for certain products and services. The [...]

Talking Money at Home

Do you ever feel or remember about talking money at home? Some people or families might regard talking money at home as a taboo or something need to be avoided from discussion while at home. I read some opinions which consider money as the symbol of bad elements however in fact talking money at home [...]

Control Your Financial Future

You might keep complaining and worrying about money, debt and bills. The bad feeling and negative perception in fact could bring more same thing happen back to you. That is why you need to take control of your financial future. Do you know what will happen in the next days or years? And that is [...]